Metal sheet cutting center

Cutting machine for profiled steel sheets for cladding and roofing.

The profiles (6 to 12 m) are loaded onto the destacker. Thanks to a system of rollers fitted on barrels, the sheets are guided on the upstream table, then sheared, thanks to a cutting cassette (adapted to each sheet profile, and easily interchangeable).

Downstream, the cut-to-length sheets are collected either on a roller table equipped with a manual liftable stop, or on an electric stacker, equipped with an electro-pneumatic visualization stop, which simultaneously forms several packs of cut-to-length sheets.


electric stacker
cassette trolley
Power , Robustness
Minimise l'effort
Easy change of cassettes
Technical features
Hydraulic press

Puissance 10 000 daN


60 mm

Passage entre colonnes

1170 mm

Profilers and distributors for profiled sheets